~Alphabet Intro Week~

Letter of the Week
Preschool Age 3
by Katrina Lybbert

This is a fun week to introduce your child to the Letter of the Week Curriculum.  You can determine if your child is ready to start by watching how enthusiastic he gets over the activities this week.  You will also be able to check how well your child already knows the alphabet and see what activities catch his attention the most.  With this knowledge you will be better able to plan the curriculum to fit your child's needs.  Keep it fun!

If you have used the Preparatory Curriculum, you may not need to include this week.  You can start right in with Letter A week.  You decide!

Daily Suggestions Activities (for any day)
Read an Alphabet book or two.
Sing a variation of the Alphabet Song.
Have an Alphabet snack.
Color an Alphabet picture.
Watch an Alphabet video.
Make an Alphabet Chart.
Go on an Alphabet Scavenger Hunt.
Fish for Letters.
Play Letter Bingo.
Start an Alphabet Scrapbook.

Alphabet Books
(There are many others, this is just a sample.)

Alphabet Songs

Alphabet Snacks

Coloring Pages
(suggestion - choose the letters of your child's name)

Alphabet Videos

Making an Alphabet Chart

Using stencils, or drawing by free hand, you can make a poster with all the letters of the alphabet.  Be sure to include the long vowels at the end.  This will be a chart that you can use during the Letter of the Week Curriculum year.  At the end of each letter week, let your child color in the letter learned.  You can include a picture for each letter, either draw the object or glue a cutout onto the chart.  Use your imagination, this will be a keepsake for years to come!!

Alphabet Scavenger Hunt

You can hide slips of paper around your house.  Each slip of paper should have a different letter on it.  Have a master sheet with all the letters listed and then let your child go on a scavenger hunt to find the letters.  When a letter is found, the letter on the master list is crossed off.  Try to hide the letters behind or near objects that start with that letter.  Hide the letter L behind a lamp, the letter D behind a door, etc.  This is an activity that should be done together, parent and child.

Fishing for Letters

Use the same slips of paper that were used in the scavenger hunt.  Attach a paper clip to each slip of paper.  (Each slip of paper will have a different letter on it.)  Fashion a fishing rod from a stick, piece of string, and a magnet.  Your child can fish off the side of his bed, out of a box, or any other place you can think of.

Letter Bingo

Make up bingo cards with 25 squares (5 x 5).  In each square randomly write a letter of the alphabet.  Leave a free space in the center.  This can be played like any other bingo game.  Call out letters and have your child cover the square that has that letter.  When a row is covered (vertical, horizontal, or diagonal) call out BINGO.

Alphabet Scrapbook

If you like to scrapbook your photo albums, this can be a fun project to work on throughout the Letter of the Week Curriculum.  Take a picture of your child each week as he/she is involved in an activity from the curriculum.  Make a page for your scrapbook each week.  Place the picture of your child in the center of the page and then decorate the page with objects, words, or other things for the letter that week.

Here is a website that you can get ideas from:



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