Arts & Crafts for Toddlers
Nursery Age 1 Curriculum Suggestions
by Katrina Lybbert

Arts & Crafts Overview

Toddlers love to experiment with art materials.  Art involves many of the senses and helps to develop creativity at a young age.  Always supervise your toddler as you carry out these activities.

Try the following art book for more ideas:

First Art: Art Experiences for Toddlers and Twos by MaryAnn Kohl

Arts and Crafts Lesson List
(More details on the ideas to be found on the individual lesson pages.)

Lessons 1 - 10 Introduction to Scribbling: tape a piece of paper to a surface and let your child scribble with jumbo crayons.
Lesson 11 Pencil Crayons: red, yellow & blue
Lesson 12 Red, Yellow & Blue Masterpiece
Lesson 13 Paint with Water
Lesson 14 Pencil Crayons: green, orange & purple
Lesson 15 Green, Orange & Purple Masterpiece
Lesson 16 Paper Plate Art
Lesson 17 White on Black
Lesson 18 Play dough
Lesson 19 Sand Tray Drawing
Lesson 20 Sidewalk Chalk
Lesson 21 Finger-painting with Pudding
Lesson 22 Cotton Ball Gluing Experience
Lesson 23 Sticker Picture
Lesson 24 Safety Scissors




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