Foreign Languages for Toddlers
Nursery Age 1 Curriculum Suggestions
by Katrina Lybbert

Foreign Language Overview

If you introduced your baby to foreign languages, you already know how easy it can be!  Continue to play the CDs suggested in the Nursery Age 0 Curriculum.  Your toddler will also be hearing foreign languages as part of the lullaby lesson ideas.

Through the above ideas you will be sharing a variety of foreign languages with your toddler.  Now is also the time to decide on a specific foreign language that you would like as a second language in your family.

In my family, we have chosen to teach French as a second language.  Therefore, the following lesson ideas will be shared for teaching French.  You can take this example and create similar lesson plans in the language of your choice.

There are two parts to the lesson ideas.  The first is teaching the language through children's songs, and the second is teaching a simple vocabulary of 24 words. 

Part One - Children's Songs in French

To teach the songs you need to learn the songs first.  You should be able to sing the song to your toddler without stumbling over the words and memory.  If you don't feel you can sing, just play the recording of the song you have chosen.  However, both singing and playing the recording is ideal.  I have chosen one song every two lessons.  Toddlers love repetition and by spending a month on each song, there is more time for your toddler to learn them. 

My Resources for French Children's Songs

Teach Me French
Baby's First Steps in French
Nous sommes tous comme les fleurs (Charlotte Diamond)

French Children's Songs Lesson List

Lesson 1 & 2 Nous sommes tous comme les fleurs
Lesson 3 & 4 Frere Jacques
Lesson 5 & 6 Au clair de la lune
Lesson 7 & 8 Tout le monde aime les bananes
Lesson 9 & 10 Fais dodo
Lesson 11 & 12 Alouette
Lesson 13 & 14 Ainsi font, font, font
Lesson 15 & 16 Savez-vous planter les choux?
Lesson 17 & 18 Sur le pont d'Avignon
Lesson 19 & 20 Ah! vous dirai-je Maman
Lesson 21 & 22 Joyeux anniversaire
Lesson 23 & 24 Tête, épaules, genoux et pieds

Part Two - French Vocabulary

To teach some vocabulary words, first choose words that will be familiar to your child.  Make some picture cards that depict the vocabulary words.  You can find pictures in magazines, clip art collections, etc.  Paste the picture on one side of the card and print the word in both English and French on the other side.  Do not only use the picture cards for teaching the vocabulary words, however.  Be sure to point them out in real life and say both the English and French word each time you do.  Keep it fun and a natural part of life.  As your toddler grows older you can introduce more vocabulary words and at a more rapid pace.

My Resources for French Vocabulary Words

Usborne - First 100 Words in French
Baby Einstein - Language Discovery Cards

French Vocabulary Lesson List

Lesson 1  la fleur (flower)
Lesson 2 le poisson (fish)
Lesson 3 le canard (duck)
Lesson 4 la voiture (car)
Lesson 5 l'ours (bear)
Lesson 6 la banane (banana)
Lesson 7 l'étoile (star)
Lesson 8 la pomme (apple)
Lesson 9 le chat (cat)
Lesson 10 le livre (book)
Lesson 11 la poupée (doll)
Lesson 12 le lait (milk)
Lesson 13 la table (table)
Lesson 14 l'arbre (tree)
Lesson 15 la maison (house)
Lesson 16 le lit (bed)
Lesson 17 le chien (dog)
Lesson 18 l'avion (airplane)
Lesson 19 la chaise (chair)
Lesson 20 l'oiseau (bird)
Lesson 21 le soleil (sun)
Lesson 22 la tête (head)
Lesson 23 le gâteau (cake)
Lesson 24 la pendule (clock)




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