The Letter F

Language Arts

The sound this letter stands for is  - /f/ as in football.

Theme words - feather, fish, foot, funny, fairy, forest, fire, farm, flag

Poetry and Rhymes:

Firefighters by Jean Warren(1001)
Flutter, Flutter, Butterfly by Bonnie Woodard(1001)
In the Forest by Jean Warren(1001)
F is the Fighting Firetruck by Phyllis McGinley(Old & New)
Fairy Bread by R.L. Stevenson(Garden of Verses)
The Fishes of Kempenfelt Bay by Dennis Lee(Alligator Pie)

Books to read aloud:

The Rainbow Fish by Marcus Pfister
Forest by Laura Godwin
Feathers Like a Rainbow by Flora
The Foot Book by Dr. Seuss
Down on the Funny Farm by P.E. King
The Firebird retold by Selina Hastings ( or the version by Demi)
The Biggest Fish by Sheila Keenan
Fritzi Fox Flew in From Florida by Leah Komaiko


Composer - Frederic Chopin (1810 - 1849)

Songs - Finiculi, Funicula,  The Farmer in the Dell,  Fiddle-de-dee


fruit salad, french fries, fish fingers, french toast, fruitcake, frankfurters

Bible Story/Character Trait       The story of the loaves and the fishes.


Fractions - now would be a fun time to divide a pie, pizza, cake, or sandwich into 1/2, 1/3, or 1/4 and teach the meaning of fractions.

Color -  fuchsia


Bird- flamingo
Flower - forget-me-not
Mammal - ferret
Ocean Creature - fish

Social Studies

You could learn about the geography of France,  read about the job of a fire fighter, learn about the history of forts, or the story of the first flag of your country.

Some good books on fire fighters are:
I Want to be a Fire Fighter  by Edith Kunhardt
Fire Truck nuts and bolts by Jerry Boucher

A good book on Flags is:
Flag by Eyewitness Books

Art Project

Make a paper fan - color a design on a piece of blank paper and fold accordian style.
Design a family flag or a flag showing many different things starting with the letter F.


Play with a Frisbee at the park, or play catch with a soft Football.


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