The Letter G

Language Arts

The sound this letter stands for is  - /g/ as in goose.

Theme words - garden, goose, gorilla, goat, goodnight, giving, grandfather, grass, grizzly

Poetry and Rhymes:

You Never Hear the Garden Grow by Lilian Moore(20th Century)
Grizzly Bear by Mary Austin(Old & New)
Good Night by Victor Hugo(Old & New)
Something Told the Wild Geese by Rachel Field(20th Century)
My Garden (1001)
Grandpa and Grandma by Jean Warren(1001)

Books to read aloud:
Giving by Shirley Hughes
Good Night by Claire Masurel & Marie H. Henry
The Golden Goose retold by Uri Shulevitz
The Three Billy Goats Gruff by Paul Galdone
Goodnight Moon by Margaret Wise Brown


Composer - Edvard Grieg (1843 - 1907)

Songs - The Grandfather Clock,  The Green Grass Grew All Around,  Grizzly Bear,  Golden Slumbers,  Why Shouldn't my Goose?,  Amazing Grace,  Greensleeves


garden salad, granola bars, graham crackers, grapefruit, green beans, grape juice

Bible Story/Character Trait       Gideon, The Golden Rule, gratitude


Greater than - make flash cards of the numbers and a greater than sign(>),  practice putting numbers on the correct side of the sign.  Use manipulatives if needed to explain the concept.

Color -  gold


Bird- goose
Flower - goldenrod
Mammal - gorilla
Ocean Creature - gulper eel

Good books on gorillas are:
Gorillas by Patricia Demuth
Gorillas: Gentle Giants of the Forest by Joyce Milton

Social Studies

You could learn about the geography of Greece,  read about the job of a garbage collector, or learn about the history of Ancient Greece.

Art Project

Make a funny grass-haired man:
You will need a styrofoam cup, dirt, grass seeds, water, felt markers.
Color a face on the cup.  Fill the cup 3/4 full of dirt.  Place grass seeds on top.  Add a little more dirt.  Water the seeds.  Watch for your man to grow hair of grass!!


Play mini golf or learn how to gallop.


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