The Letter I

Language Arts

The sound this letter stands for is the short vowel sound - /i/ as in igloo.

Theme words - igloo, inside, insect, iguana, inspector, instrument, inch, inchworm

Sign Language - teach the ASL sign for the Letter I

Poetry and Rhymes:

"My Instruments" by Angela Wolfe(1001)
"My Inside-Self" by Rachel Field(O&N)

by Katrina Lybbert

Inchworm, inchworm on the ground,
Crawling slowly, not a sound,
Do you wonder what you'll see,
When you pass beyond that tree?

Careful now, my little friend,
A bird is just around the bend,
Better hide inside that tree,
Where you will be safe and free!

Books to read aloud:

Inch by Inch by Leo Lionni
The Iguana Brothers by Tony Johnston
The Igloo by Charlotte & David Yue
Inspector Hopper by Doug Cushman
It's a Good Thing There are Insects by Allan Fowler
Inside Outside Upside Down by Stan & Jan Berenstain
Inch by Inch, The Garden Song by David Mallett


Composer - Gioachino Rossini  (1792 - 1868) emphasizing that he was born in Italy

Inch by Inch

If You're Happy and You Know It


Find some cookbooks at the library and try foods from Italy, India, Israel, or Indonesia

Bible Story/Character Trait

Israel/Integrity or Industrious


inches - measure the distance of objects in inches

Color -  indigo


Bird - Indigo Bunting
Flower - Impatiens
Reptile - Iguana
Ocean Creature - Invertebrates

Social Studies

You could learn about the geography of Italy or India, or learn about the job of an Inspector.

Art Project

Make a rhythm instrument.
Use an old margarine tub or some other container.  Fill 1/4 full with dry beans or popcorn.  Glue the lid on.  Decorate the container.  Shake!


Have a rhythm instrument band and march around the room.

Field Trip

Go on a walk and look for insects.


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