The Letter O

Language Arts

The sound this letter stands for is the short vowel sound - /o/ as in octagon.

Theme words - octopus, ostrich, octagon, olive, opposite, on, off, ox

Poetry and Rhymes
"Opposites" by Mildred Hoffman (1001)
"Once I Saw an Octopus" by Sue Schliecker (1001)
"The Ostrich is a Silly Bird" by Mary E. Wilkins Freeman (Old and New)

Books to read aloud:
Oscar Otter by Nathaniel Benchley
I Have an Olive Tree by Eve Bunting
Emily and the Ostriches by Dan Bernstein
Ox-Cart Man by Donald Hall
An Octopus Followed Me Home by Dan Yaccarino
Paul Bunyan and His Blue Ox by Patsy Jensen


Composer - Jacques Offenbach (1819 - 1880)

Introduce your child to Opera music.  Have fun pretending to sing like they do. :)



Bible Story/Character Trait

Mount of Olives


Octagon - point out the shape in everyday objects such as a stop sign.  Draw and color one.

Color -  olive green


Bird- ostrich
Tree - olive tree
Mammal - otter or ox
Ocean Creature - octopus

A good book on the ostrich is:
Ostriches by Thane Maynard

Social Studies

You could learn about an oxbow lake as you study geography.

Art Project

Make an octopus:
Cover a small styrofoam ball with cloth and tie it with enough ribbons to make eight legs.


Build a simple obstacle course for your child to play on.  Another game to play could be to help your child think of opposites.  You say the word "off" and your child must reply with "on".


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