The Letter W

Language Arts

The sound this letter stands for is  - /w/ as in wagon.
** Be careful not to choose words that start with "wh" as it is a different sound.

Theme words - wagon, walk, window, wings, watch, wall, wish, wind, wood, winter, water

Poetry and Rhymes:

Wee Willie Winkie

In the book 1001 Rhymes & Fingerplays:

"My Wagon" by Jean Warren
"Water, Water" by Jean Warren

Books to read aloud:

Wiggle Waggle by Jonathan London
I Went Walking by Sue Williams
Wings on Things by Marc Brown
The Wall That Did Not Fall by Marilyn Lashbrook
The Wind Blew by Pat Hutchins
Gilberto and the Wind by Marie Hall Ets
I Wish That I Had Duck Feet by Theo. LeSieg
Wacky Wednesday by Theo. LeSieg


Composer - William Walton(1902 - 1983)

You could also listen to a variety of waltzes by different composers, even dance with your child.


Who's Afraid of the Big Bad Wolf
How Much is That Doggie in the Window?
What a Wonderful World


watermelon, waffles

Bible Story/Character Trait

Jesus walks on the water, or the story of the Wisemen / work or wisdom


Week - learn the days of the week.

Color: wild strawberry


Bird -  Woodpecker
Flower - Wallflower
Mammal - Wolf
Ocean creature - Walrus

Social Studies

Study the map of the World.
Learn about windmills around the world.

Art Project

Make a Wind Chime


Walking - go for a walk in your neighborhood.
Water sports - learn about water skiing, water polo, etc.
Go to a wading pool or the water slides!  Learn water safety.
Go for a ride in a wagon.

Field Trip

If you live near the ocean, you could go to the beach and watch the waves.
Visit your local waterworks if possible.


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