Musical Exploration for Toddlers
Nursery Age 1 Curriculum Suggestions
by Katrina Lybbert

Musical Exploration Overview

Musical exploration is pure fun for your toddler.  In addition to classical music, lullabies and children's songs, I wanted to provide hands-on musical experiences for my children.  The suggestions in this area of the nursery curriculum will have your toddlers clapping, dancing, beating, moving and creating away!

For each of the 24 lessons I have suggested a musical activity.  You can follow these ideas or create musical experiences of your own choosing.

You may wish to purchase a basic children's rhythm band instrument set.  Or you could improvise and make your own from household items.

Resources Useful for Musical Exploration

Suggested Music CDs

Multicultural Rhythm Stick Fun (Kimbo Educational)

Suggested Web Sites

Rhythmic Movement for Toddlers and Preschoolers

Musical Exploration Lesson List
(Details included in the Lesson Plans)

Lesson 1  Bells
Lesson 2 Snake Slither
Lesson 3 Music from other lands
Lesson 4 Musical Toys
Lesson 5 Drumming
Lesson 6 Favourite Songs
Lesson 7 Jazz
Lesson 8 Farm "Moosic"
Lesson 9 Recorder Fun
Lesson 10 Round Dance
Lesson 11 Musical Faces
Lesson 12 Rhythm Sticks
Lesson 13 Orchestral Experience
Lesson 14 Hokey Pokey
Lesson 15 Dance with Scarves
Lesson 16 Castanets/Tamborines
Lesson 17 Rolling to Music
Lesson 18 Follow the Leader
Lesson 19 Maracas
Lesson 20 Drawing to Music
Lesson 21 Marching
Lesson 22 Loud, Soft, Fast, Slow
Lesson 23 Clapping Rhythms
Lesson 24 Musical Band




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