Outdoor Games for Toddlers
Nursery Age 1 Curriculum Suggestions
by Katrina Lybbert

Outdoor Games Overview

Toddlers learn so much from playing games.  It is a great way to teach and have fun with your child at the same time.  Each of the outdoor game ideas will last for 2 lessons (or 1 month).  You can play different variations on the same game each time you go outside.  Depending on the weather, and the area you live in, try to get outside to play at least 1 to 2 times a week.  It is also a good idea to just get outside for fresh air daily, take a walk or go to the park.  I hope you enjoy these activities with your toddler.

Another note:  These game ideas work with the seasons of the year.  If you start the games in September, then the Christmas Light Walk will fall in December.  You can rearrange the game ideas to fit the seasons where you live, all depending on the age of your toddler and when you start the program.

Try the following game books for more ideas:

Toddler Play (Gymboree) by Wendy S. Masi
Fun with Mommy & Me by Dr. Cindy Bunin Nurik with Jane Schonberger
Things to Do with Toddlers and Twos by Karen Miller
Games to Play with Toddlers by Jackie Silberg
A Year of Fun Just for One's by Jean Warren and Theodosia Sideropoulos Spewock
The Toddler's Busy Book by Trish Kuffner

Outdoor Games Lesson List
(More details on playing the games to be found on the individual lesson pages.)

Lessons 1 & 2 (Sept.) Beach Ball Play
Lessons 3 & 4 (Oct.) Wind Play (pinwheels and more)
Lessons 5 & 6 (Nov.) Hoops Fun
Lessons 7 & 8 (Dec.) Christmas Light Walk
Lessons 9 & 10 (Jan.) Sleigh Ride
Lessons 11 & 12 (Feb.) Bowling
Lessons 13 & 14 (Mar.) Bubbles, Bubbles, Bubbles
Lessons 15 & 16 (Apr.) Wagon Rides
Lessons 17 & 18 (May) Jump Rope Exploration
Lessons 19 & 20 (June) Sand Play
Lessons 21 & 22 (July) Water Play
Lessons 23 & 24 (Aug.) Sidewalk Chalk




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