Poetry for Toddlers
Nursery Age 1 Curriculum Suggestions
by Katrina Lybbert

Poetry Overview

A wonderful way to provide a literature rich environment for your toddler is to recite and/or read poetry.  There are many different types of poetry you could share with your toddler.  You can decide to follow my plan, or choose to read from your favourite poets to your child.  Whatever you decide, you will find joy in poetry.

For each of the 24 lessons I have suggested a poetry selection for you to recite and/or read to your toddler.  I have chosen poems from the classic poem books of A. A. Milne.  For each odd numbered lesson plan you will find a selection choice from the book When We Were  Very Young.  For each of the even numbered lesson plans you will find a selection choice from the book Now We Are Six.

As each lesson plan lasts for approximately 2 weeks, you can share the poetry selection with your toddler during Week 2.  Recite and/or read the poem daily.

Poetry Lesson List
(Lessons 1, 3, 5, and so on from When We Were Very Young)
(Lessons 2, 4, 6, and so on from Now We Are Six)

Lesson 1  "Happiness"
Lesson 2 "Solitude"
Lesson 3 "Twinkletoes"
Lesson 4 "Furry Bear"
Lesson 5 "Daffodowndilly"
Lesson 6 "Knight-in-Armour"
Lesson 7 "Hoppity"
Lesson 8 "A Thought"
Lesson 9 "Corner-of-the-Street"
Lesson 10 "Swing Song"
Lesson 11 "Shoes and Stockings"
Lesson 12 "Cradle Song"
Lesson 13 "Water-Lilies"
Lesson 14 "The Morning Walk"
Lesson 15 "The Christening"
Lesson 16 "The Engineer"
Lesson 17 "Halfway Down"
Lesson 18 "Wind on the Hill"
Lesson 19 "The Wrong House"
Lesson 20 "The Friend"
Lesson 21 "The Mirror"
Lesson 22 "Buttercup Days"
Lesson 23 "Politeness"
Lesson 24 "Cherry Stones"




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