Brightly Beaming Steps to Reading Program
Preparatory Curriculum
Adaptable for Ages 2 - 4
by Katrina Lybbert

Preparatory Book List
Compiled by Katrina Lybbert

You might like to choose one book to read for the whole week, or a different book for each day.

Lesson One Theme – Cows

Lesson Two Theme – Jungle
Lesson Three Theme – Kittens
Lesson Four Theme – Eyes
Lesson Five Theme – Lighthouses
Lesson Six Theme – Rainbows
Lesson Seven Theme – Stars
Lesson Eight Theme – Sun
Lesson Nine Theme – Cookies
Lesson Ten Theme – Trains
Lesson Eleven Theme – Moon
Lesson Twelve Theme – Ducks
Lesson Thirteen Theme – Cars/Trucks
Lesson Fourteen Theme – Horses
Lesson Fifteen Theme – Rain
Lesson Sixteen Theme – Butterflies
Lesson Seventeen Theme – Sheep
Lesson Eighteen Theme – Ears
Lesson Nineteen Theme – Boats
Lesson Twenty Theme – Balloons
Lesson Twenty-one Theme – Wind
Lesson Twenty-two Theme  - Seasons
Lesson Twenty-three Theme – Snow
Lesson Twenty-four Theme – Dogs
Lesson Twenty-five Theme – Rabbits
Lesson Twenty-six Theme – Airplanes



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