Puppetry for Toddlers
Nursery Age 1 Curriculum Suggestions
by Katrina Lybbert

Puppetry Overview

Puppetry is just for fun!  Sharing puppets with your toddler will create many happy memories and provide a way to develop personality and character.  Puppets can be used as a teaching tool, for sharing stories, rhymes and songs.  Puppets allow for individual expression, laughter, and joy!  

In the lesson plans you will find suggestions for using the different puppets in different ways.  You do not need to create all the kinds of puppets if you find a puppet your toddler wants to play with again and again.  Choose puppets you are comfortable using and just have a good time together.  Save a puppet to be used only at bedtime, mealtime or bathtime, etc., as part of your routines.  Put the puppets away after using them, rather than leaving them in the play area, so they will stay exciting and fun for your toddler each time they appear.  

Resources for Puppetry

Easy-to-Make Puppets and How to Use Them
by Fran Rottman

Puppetry Lesson List

Lesson 1 & 2 Finger Puppets
Lesson 3 & 4 Sock Puppets
Lesson 5 & 6 Hand Puppets
Lesson 7 & 8 Glove Puppets
Lesson 9 & 10 Foot Puppets
Lesson 11 & 12 Wooden Spoon Puppets
Lesson 13 & 14 Clothespin Puppets
Lesson 15 & 16 Paper Plate Puppets
Lesson 17 & 18 Paper Bag Puppets
Lesson 19 & 20 Stick Puppets
Lesson 21 & 22 String Puppets
Lesson 23 & 24 Puppet Theatre Show





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