~Review Weeks~

Letter of the Week
Preschool Age 3
by Katrina Lybbert

There are six review weeks built into the Letter of the Week curriculum.  They occur on the following weeks:

Week  7 - Review A, B, C, D & E
Week 13 - Review F, G, H, I & J
Week 19 - Review K, L, M, N & O
Week 25 - Review P, Q, R, S & T
Week 32 - Review U, V, W, X, Y & Z
Week 38 - Review Long Vowels A, E, I, O & U

Each review week you will be reviewing the last 5 letters learned (except week 32 where there are 6 letters to review). Spend one day on each letter.  For example: Monday - Letter Aa, Tuesday - Letter Bb, Wednesday - Letter Cc, Thursday - Letter Dd, Friday - Letter Ee.  The week there are six letters you will need to review on Saturday as well, or review two letters on Friday.

The main purpose for review is to encourage complete mastery of the sounds of the letters.  Therefore, the main activities reviewed will be from the Language Arts portion of the curriculum.  Other activities can also be reviewed, such as music, science, snacks, and games.  I will share an example using the letter Aa.

In addition, the BeginningReading.com web site offers some great free worksheets that would be perfect to use during your review weeks.

Letter Aa:  (Monday)

Beginning Reading Suggestions
(for children who have mastered the sounds)

When you reach the end of your first review week you can begin to teach your child some simple three letter words.  Put each word on an individual card and practice sounding them out.  Good words to start with include: cab, bed, dab, dad, & bad.  Then make up a "bingo" or "lotto" sheet with the words printed on it.  Call out a word and have your child find it on his sheet.  As the review weeks progress you can add more words.  You could then make up your own sentences and short stories with the words learned.  (You would have to teach some simple sight words such as: is, and, the, at, on, & to.)

Finally progress to beginning readers such as Bob Books!  Have Fun!



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