Rhyme Bible Readings
Nursery Age 0 Curriculum Suggestions
by Katrina Lybbert

Rhyme Bible Stories Overview

You could also choose to read stories from The Rhyme Bible (published by Gold 'n' Honey Books) in addition to the Psalms selections.  The stories are short and the rhythmical language will appeal to babies. 

For the first four lessons you will notice that I have chosen one story, the remaining lessons (except the last) have two story selections.  This is due to the number of chapters in the book.  Repeat the story to your baby daily.  The second week of the lesson plan you can share the second story choice, where there is one. 

Bible Story Lesson List
(All selections from The Rhyme Bible by L. J. Sattgast)

Lesson 1  A New World
Lesson 2 A Snake in the Garden
Lesson 3 Safe in the Boat
Lesson 4 Abraham's Prayer
Lesson 5 Joseph's Dreams,
The King's Dream
Lesson 6 Joseph and His Brothers,
The Princess and the Baby
Lesson 7 Out of Egypt,
The Walls Fall Down
Lesson 8 Samuel Listens,
David & Goliath
Lesson 9 Elijah and the Prophets,
Jonah Goes to Nineveh
Lesson 10 Daniel and the Lions,
Esther Saves the Day
Lesson 11 Nehemiah Builds the Wall,
The Special Baby
Lesson 12 The Sheperds,
The Wise Men
Lesson 13 A Lost Boy,
Jesus Is God's Son
Lesson 14 Four Good Friends,
The Storm
Lesson 15 A Sick Girl,
Lunch to Share
Lesson 16 Two Houses,
The Good Man
Lesson 17 The Poor Rich Man,
A Boy Comes Home
Lesson 18 Children Come to Jesus,
Little Zacchaeus
Lesson 19 The Day Jesus Died,
Jesus Is Alive!
Lesson 20 Good News!




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