~Country of the Week~
written and compiled by
Katrina Lybbert
with help from Teresa Stanton

The following outline will guide you through a two week plan of study for this country.  A suggested one week outline is listed below if you wish to cover more countries during the year.

Day 1

Learn and study the map, flag and national symbols of Russia.  You can start a lapbook to record your learning.


Flag National Symbols

Day 2

Choose some stories, songs or poems about Russia to read, sing or learn.


Poems Books/Stories
A Tale of Two Frogs by Martha Hamilton
Russian Folktales retold by James Riordan
The Magic Goldfish by Demi
Babushka Baba Yaga by Patricia Polacco
Babushka's Doll by Patricia Polacco
At the Wish of the Fish adapted by J. Patrick Lewis
The Frog Princess retold by J. Patrick Lewis
A Little Story about a Big Turnip retold by Tatiana Zunshine
The Firebird by Jane Yolen
Firebird by Demi
The Tale of the Firebird by Genaddy Spirin
The Golden Mare, the Firdbird, and the Magic Ring by Ruth Sanderson
Peter and the Wolf by Vladimir Vagan
The Fool of the World and the Flying Ship by Arthur Ransome
Russia: A Crossroads Between History and Nature by Arnaldo Alberti
Postcards From: Russia by Helen Arnold
Pictures at an Exhibition by Anna Harwell Celenza
Colors of Russia by Shannon Zemlicka
Celebrating Birthdays in Russia by Cheryl L. Enderlein
(Eyewitness) Russia by Kathleen Murrell

Day 3

Write your own poem, and learn to say hello, good-bye, please and thank you in Russian.

Write your own simple poem for the country of Russia... here is an example:
(Look in some of the books you have read about Russia to find words that start with each letter.)

R is for the Russian ruble,
U is for the U.S.S.R. of old,
S is for the snow in Siberia... brrrr... so cold.
S is for Swan Lake and ballet,
I is for the Indigirka River,
A is for Asian Russia and all the amazing people.

You can post your poem in your lapbook.


Day 4

Try some Russian recipes and enjoy!

Day 5

Try some of these Russian games:

Day 6

Learn about different animals, plants and habitats in Russia.

See the following article for more information or search in an encyclopedia of your own.

Day 7

Learn about the National Anthem of Russia and read more stories (see the list of books on Day 2).

Day 8

Learn to count to 10 in Russian and review the words for hello, good-bye, please and thank you.

Day 9

Finish working on your lapbook.  More information on lapbooks will be coming soon, but in the meantime please look at the following websites for ideas:

Day 10

On this day you can focus on crafts, costuming and dances from Russia.


Costumes Dances ----------------------------------------------------

If you want to spend one week on each lesson here is a condensed plan:

Scheduling for the One Week Plan

Day 1 - Map, Flag, National Symbols, Animals, Plants and Habitat

Day 2 - Stories, Songs & Poems

Day 3 - National Anthem, More Stories, Language (learn to say Hello, Good-bye, Please, Thank you, and count to 10)

Day 4 - Food, Notebook or Lapbook

Day 5 - Games, Crafts, Costumes, Dances


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