Sign Language for Toddlers
Nursery Age 1 Curriculum Suggestions
by Katrina Lybbert

Sign Language Overview

Babies and toddlers are ready to communicate with us before they can speak.  It can be very frustrating for our little ones when they want to tell us something and we do not understand them.  There has been a lot of research lately that shows babies and toddlers can learn sign language!  By learning signs they can communicate at an earlier age.  They are also much happier because their needs are being met more often.   I only wish I had known about this with my first three children!

If you began signing with your baby in the Nursery Age 0 curriculum, you can continue teaching your child new signs each week.  If you are new to sign language, take a look at the signs from the Nursery Age 0 curriculum so you can best decide which signs to start with. 

The suggestions below are the signs I have been using with my daughter.  You can choose the same signs, but I am sure you will want to choose some signs that fit in with your family better.  Visit the Sign With Me Online Dictionary for examples to form the signs.  You can introduce many more signs than I have listed.  Go at a pace that works for you and your child.

Internet Resources for Sign Language:

Sign Language for Babies and Beyond 
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 Baby Signs

Signing With Your Baby

Sign With Me

Sign 2 Me


Signing Time!

Sign Language Lesson List

Lesson 1  drink
Lesson 2 more
Lesson 3 bath
Lesson 4 car
Lesson 5 banana
Lesson 6 cold
Lesson 7 thank you
Lesson 8 flower
Lesson 9 butterfly
Lesson 10 fish
Lesson 11 no
Lesson 12 baby
Lesson 13 telephone
Lesson 14 bird
Lesson 15 cookie
Lesson 16 stop
Lesson 17 hat
Lesson 18 blanket
Lesson 19 airplane
Lesson 20 ball
Lesson 21 please
Lesson 22 rain
Lesson 23 apple
Lesson 24 I love you!




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