April Journal Ideas
Journal for Primary Ages 6 - 8

written by Katrina Lybbert

April 1st:  April Fools!  Did you or anyone in your family get fooled today?

April 2nd:  Look outside.  Do you see any shapes in the clouds?  Describe them.

April 3rd:  What are your favorite spring flowers?  Why?

April 4th:  Poll your family.  What is each family member's favorite color?  List them.

April 5th:  Did anyone in your family choose the same favorite color as someone else?  If so, find out if they like the color for same or different reasons.

April 6th:  Does your family have any special Easter traditions?

April 7th:  What is your favorite type of cold cereal to eat?

April 8th:  If you could declare today as a new holiday, what would it be?

April 9th:  What does the word "soft" remind you of?

April 10th:  Do a secret service for a family member then write on how it made you feel to do so.

April 11th:  What baby animals do you think of in the spring?

April 12th:  Have you ever looked for birds in a forest?  Do you like birdwatching?

April 13th:  What design would you put on a butterfly's wings?  Draw a picture.

April 14th:  What Nursery Rhyme reminds you of spring?

April 15th:  If you lost your shoes, how would you feel?

April 16th:  Do you have a box of treasures?  What is in it?

April 17th:  What is something you did today that you will also do tomorrow?

April 18th:  Do you like to spend or save the money you receive?

April 19th:  Pussy willow trees are fun to find in the spring.  Have you seen one?  Describe it, or find out about them.

April 20th:  Is your bedroom clean or messy today?

April 21st:  Draw a picture using your favorite colors.

April 22nd:  Do you know your phone number?  What is it?

April 23rd:  Can you touch your toes without bending your knees?  How close to reaching are you?

April 24th:  Do you like the feel of wind upon your face?  Why or why not?

April 25th:  Do you have a blossom tree in your yard?  Do you like blossoms in spring?

April 26th:  There are many new beginnings in the spring.  What is something new you would like to do?

April 27th:  Do you like the feeling of walking barefoot in the grass?

April 28th:  Invent a new word and give it a definition from your imagination.

April 29th:  What does the word "bright" remind you of?

April 30th:  Trace your hand into your journal.  Which hand do you write with?



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