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Primary Journal Ideas
Journal for Primary Ages 6 - 8

written and compiled by 
Katrina Lybbert

Journal Information

Keeping a journal is a wonderful way to save special memories and thoughts of childhood.  I love reading the journals I kept as a child.  I do believe we should keep a journal throughout our lives.  I have written these journal questions and ideas to help children, ages 6 - 8, get started on a lifetime of journal writing.  Language and composition skills will also be developed.

These journal ideas can be used in different ways.  With 6 year old (or younger) children, parents can ask the questions and write down the child's answers for him.  At age 7, parents can type up the questions and let the child write short answers.  By age 8, children might be able to keep a real journal (find a special book to use as a journal), and answer the questions in complete sentences.  This ability may not happen till a child is older, so you can adapt for your child.  If needed, you could write the answer for your child, and then let him or her use it as copywork.

You will find questions and ideas for journal writing to last a whole year.  If you would like, you could have your child spend 4 months a year on journal writing, so that by the end of the 3rd year you will have covered all the questions and ideas listed.  It would also work to repeat the same questions for 3 years with your child.  I find that interests and thoughts change as a child grows, and it is nice to have a record of these changes. 

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