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SpellBright Level One
Spelling Curriculum for Kindergarten Age 5

Created by Katrina Lybbert

Spelling at this level is really an extension of learning to read.  I have created lists of very basic words that emphasize the five short vowel sounds.  There is no need to pre-test the words at this level.  Five words are introduced each week and then one word each day is practiced.  Suggestions for practicing the words are included after the spelling lists.  Every 8 weeks I suggest doing some informal testing on 20 of the previously learned words. 

To choose the words for these lists I referred to the McGuffey's Eclectic Spelling Book and The Elementary Spelling Book by Noah Webster.  I have focused on words with short vowel sounds to give extra practice in beginning reading skills.

I introduce the week's words by writing them on a chalk board and then carefully pronounce each sound with my child.  Then I choose one of the words each day and let my child practice it's spelling through different spelling activities.  Suggestions follow the word lists.  During each review week, every 8 weeks, I choose 20 of the previously learned words and test informally (4 words per day).  This is done in a few different ways, such as using letter cutouts and having my child put them together to spell an asked word, or by orally asking for the spelling of a word.  I try to keep it fun and not like formal testing.

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