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Brightly Beaming Book Lists
Created by Katrina Lybbert

Of all the activities we can do with our children, I feel reading is one of the very best.  Read to your children right from birth.  Here you will find general and topical reading lists divided by age, as well as the reading lists that go along with the various curriculums on this site.  I have tried to choose great literature worth reading again and again.  I will always be revising and adding to these lists as I discover new books.  I hope you will enjoy reading with your children and watch their love of reading develop.  Happy reading!

Nursery Age 0 
Nursery Age 1
Preschool Age 2
Preparatory Curriculum Book List
Preschool Age 3
Letter of the Week Book List
Kindergarten Age 4
Sound of the Week Book List
Kindergarten Age 5
Primary Age 6
Primary Age 7
Primary Age 8
Elementary Age 9
Elementary Age 10
Elementary Age 11
Series of Books for Extra Reading
Christmas Reading List
Treasuries, Anthologies, & Book Sets


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