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~The Arts of a Balanced Home Education~
by Katrina Lybbert

I feel that a balanced, early childhood and beyond, home education should include a well-rounded opportunity for learning.  To provide myself with a framework to do this in my home, I chose 10 areas of learning or what I call, "The Arts of a Balanced Home Education."  Into these 10 areas I categorized all the subjects and skills I feel are important to include in my children's education.  However, not all of these subjects and skills receive the same amount of time devoted to them, as it depends on each child's interests at any given time.  It is important to get to know your children and individualize a learning program just for them.   I feel that when all, or most, of these subjects and skills have been explored, our children will be on their way to becoming well prepared, mentally, physically, and spiritually to encounter future challenges ahead, both in life and learning. 

This framework can be used with children right from birth and continued throughout their whole life.  See my "Levels of Learning" for more information on doing so with children from birth to age 11. 

Art # 1
The Arts of Religion & Character

Art # 2
The Arts of Communication

Art # 3
The Arts of Thinking & Educational Skills

Art # 4
The Arts of Mathematics

Art # 5
The Arts of the Social Studies

Art # 6
The Arts of the Natural & Scientific World

Art # 7
The Arts of Languages

Art # 8
The Arts of Physical Education

Art # 9
The Arts of Cultural Expression

Art # 10
The Arts of Life



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