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Brightly Beaming 
Steps to Reading Program

Step Three:
Sound of the Week
Adaptable for Ages 3 - 6
by Katrina Lybbert

Curriculum Information

This curriculum can be used once your child has completed the Letter of the Week curriculum or equivalent.  You child should know all the basic letters and sounds before beginning.  I feel that this curriculum is the next step on the road to reading.  Your child will learn many new sounds that will help develop reading skills.

This curriculum covers most of the Language Arts portion of a Kindergarten curriculum.  You will want to add Math, Social Studies, Science, and other optional subjects of your choice to create a more complete program of study.  I recommend the book, What Your Kindergartner Needs to Know Edited by E. D. Hirsch, Jr., for additional learning ideas.

 *Curriculum Outline*

This program will cover a year of learning.  I have created a schedule that lasts 36 weeks.  You are welcome to adapt the schedule for your own family.  This is just a suggestion.  Have fun with it!

Scheduling the Week

Making Your Sound Wall Poster

Reviewing the Letters

Handwriting in the Curriculum

*Sound of the Week Book List*
(Under Construction)

This is a complete listing of all the books recommended in the Sound of the Week curriculum. 

*Sound of the Week Printouts*
(Future Project)

Here you will find printable coloring sheets for each of the sounds used in this curriculum. 

(Under Construction)

Week 1  /ck/
Week 2  /ee/
Week 3  /sh/
Week 4  /ow/
Week 5  /st/
Week 6  /nd/
Week 7  /fr/
Week 8  /nt/
Week 9  /ay/
Week 10  /ir/
Week 11  /c/
Week 12  /g/
Week 13  /ff/
Week 14  /oo/
Week 15  /th/
Week 16  /oy/
Week 17  /ph/
Week 18  /aw/
Week 19  /oo/
Week 20  /ch/
Week 21  /ar/
Week 22  /wh/
Week 23  /ui/
Week 24  /ng/
Week 25  /igh/
Week 26  /ss/
Week 27  /oa/
Week 28  /ll/
Week 29  /ea/
Week 30  /wr/
Week 31  /dge/
Week 32  /tch/
Week 33  /kn/
Week 34  /zz/
Week 35  /rh/
Week 36  /sc/

*Celebration Party Week*

Celebrate your accomplishments!  Also a focus on the sound of /ti/ in the word celebration.

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Thank you!


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