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Science of the Week
Guide with Curriculum suggestions for Kindergarten Ages 4 & 5

written and compiled by 
Katrina Lybbert

"Science of the Week" is a guide to reading the Let's-Read-and-Find-Out Science books, and includes suggestions for making this a science curriculum for the Kindergarten years.  (However this curriculum is adaptable to be used with children from ages 3 - 7.)

I have chosen to work with up to 40 different Let's-Read-and-Find-Out Science books.  You can spread the books out over 2 years and go through the books in any order.  There are many more than 40 books in the series, so if you find a book that your child is really interested in, please feel free to create your own lesson plan with that book.  I will list the other possible books you could use below the lesson plans.  I will create lesson plans for 40 books only.

*Curriculum Information*
"My Science Journey Poster" and "My Science Journey Journal."

Lesson Plans 

(under construction)

Air is all Around You
From Seed to Pumpkin
What's it Like to be a Fish? 

Germs Make Me Sick
Penguin Chick
Sunshine Makes the Seasons
What Happens to a Hamburger?
What Makes a Magnet?

Other Possible Books You Could Use

Animals in Winter
Baby Whales Drink Milk
Big Tracks, Little Tracks
Bugs Are Insects
Dinosaurs Big & Small
Ducks Don't Get Wet
Fireflies in the Night
From Caterpillar to Butterfly
From Tadpole to Frog

How a Seed Grows
How Animal Babies Stay Safe
How Many Teeth?
My Five Senses
My Pet Hamster
A Nest Full of Eggs
POP! A Book About Bubbles
Sleep is For Everyone
Snow is Falling
Sounds All Around
A Tree is a Plant
What Color is Camouflage?
What Lives in a Shell?
What Makes a Shadow?
What's Alive?
Where Are the Night Animals?

Where Do Chicks Come From?

Ant Cities
Archaeologists Dig for Clues
Be a Friend to Trees
Chirping Crickets
Day Light, Night Light
Dolphin Talk
Down Comes the Rain
A Drop of Blood
Energy Makes Things Happen
Feel the Wind
Flash, Crash, Rumble, and Roll
Floating in Space
Follow the Water from Brook to Ocean
Hear Your Heart
How Do Apples Grow?
How Do Birds Find Their Way?
How Mountains Are Made
The International Space Station
Let's Go Rock Collecting
Look Out for Turtles
Milk From Cow to Carton
Mission to Mars
My Visit to the Dinosaurs
Oil Spill!
The Planets in Our Solar System
Spinning Spiders
Sponges are Skeletons
The Sun, Our Nearest Star  
Switch On, Switch Off
Tornado Alert
What is the World Made Of?
What Makes Day & Night?
What the Moon is Like
What Will the Weather Be?
Where Does the Garbage Go?
Who Eats What?
Why do Leaves Change Color?
Why Frogs are Wet
Why I Sneeze, Shiver, Hiccup & Yawn
Wiggling Worms at Work
You're Aboard Spaceship Earth
Your Skin & Mine
Zipping, Zapping, Zooming Bats


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