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Blazers of Greatness
Guide with Curriculum suggestions for Elementary Ages 9 - 11

written and compiled by 
Katrina Lybbert

Blazers of Greatness is a guide to studying great heroes and heroines.  Our children will benefit from learning about those who have blazed paths to greatness.  They will see through these examples how they can do great things in their lives as well.  They will learn values and character and have role models to guide them.  While this guide is geared to 9 - 11 years, it can be a family focus and involve parents and children of all ages.

I have chosen to work with 18 different heroes and 18 different heroines.  This guide will last for a 36 week school year.  See the links below for more information.  You are welcome to choose different heroes and heroines.  Do not forget your own ancestors.  They can be heroes for your family.  If you have the resources and information, be sure to spend a few weeks on family heroes.

See my additional heroes and heroines' list for further study.  You can choose new heroes to learn about every year.  Your study can get more detailed as your children get older.  This is a lifetime pursuit to greatness.  Maybe one day your name will be on a heroes' list. 

*Curriculum Outline*


Albert Einstein
George Washington
Benjamin Franklin
Abraham Lincoln
Nathaniel Bowditch
Christopher Columbus
Winston Churchill
Mahatma Gandhi
George Frederic Handel
Johannes Gutenberg
Benito Juarez
David Livingstone
Shinichi Suzuki
Thomas Edison
George Washington Carver
George Peabody
Orville & Wilbur Wright
Terry Fox


Mother Teresa
Madeleine de Verchères
Abigail Adams
Elizabeth Blackwell
Laura Secord
Louisa May Alcott
Helen Keller
Marie Curie
Rosa Parks
Mary A. Livermore
Florence Nightingale
Harriet Tubman
Gladys Aylward
Mary Lyon
Joan of Arc
Wangari Maahtai
Nancy Bird-Walton

Additional Heroes & Heroines


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