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Blazers of Greatness
Guide with Curriculum suggestions for Elementary Ages 9 - 11

written and compiled by 
Katrina Lybbert

*Curriculum Outline*

There are a variety of ways you could approach this guide and curriculum.  First, you can spend one week on each hero/heroine and complete the following list in one year.  Second, you could choose to focus on one a month and just pick the people who interest you the most.  Or if you are like me, and have limited time, you can choose to spend six weeks per hero/heroine.  By doing so, you will cover all the following people in 6 years (grades 4 - 9).  In each of years one, three and five, choose 4 heroes and 2 heroines to learn about.  In years two, four and six, choose 2 heroes and 4 heroines to learn about.  Or any combination that suits you!

Remember you can substitute the following list with any hero/heroine you choose.  And look for heroes in your own family history.

Planning your sessions (week)

Important resources to have during this study:

  • A timeline (either on your wall or in a binder) to help your child see where each hero and heroine fit in history.
  • A wall map - to show where each hero and heroine were born or spent most of their lives.
  • A notebook to keep mini biographies and other information on each person studied.

Day 1 

  • Read from a selection on the literature list
  • Place something to represent this hero/heroine on your timeline
Day 2
  • Read from a selection on the literature list
  • Colour in or highlight on a map the location your hero/heroine was from
Day 3
  • Read from a selection on the literature list
  • Copywork - copy a quote in your notebook that was said by your hero/heroine
Day 4
  • Read from a selection on the literature list
  • Write a mini biography of your hero/heroine's life... 
    • ie:
      • Name:
      • Birthdate:
      • Birthplace:
      • Parents:
      • Schooling:
      • Religion:
      • Married:
      • Children:
      • Accomplishments:
      • Interesting facts:
      • Death date:
Day 5
  • Choose an activity or project related to your hero/heroine
Day 6 (optional)
  • Write a paragraph on why this person is a hero/heroine to you


Albert Einstein
George Washington
Benjamin Franklin
Abraham Lincoln
Nathaniel Bowditch
Christopher Columbus
Winston Churchill
Mahatma Gandhi
George Frederic Handel
Johannes Gutenberg
Benito Juarez
David Livingstone
Shinichi Suzuki
Thomas Edison
George Washington Carver
George Peabody
Orville & Wilbur Wright
Terry Fox


Mother Teresa
Madeleine de Verchères
Abigail Adams
Elizabeth Blackwell
Laura Secord
Louisa May Alcott
Helen Keller
Marie Curie
Rosa Parks
Mary A. Livermore
Florence Nightingale
Harriet Tubman
Gladys Aylward
Mary Lyon
Joan of Arc
Wangari Maahtai
Nancy Bird-Walton

Additional Heroes & Heroines


Copyright © 2000 - 2015 by Katrina Lybbert. All Rights Reserved.