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Brightly Beaming 
Steps to Reading Program

Step Three:
Sound of the Week
Adaptable for Ages 3 - 6
by Katrina Lybbert

Reviewing the Letters

While you are learning the new sounds in Sound of the Week, it is important to occasionally review the letters and their sounds.  Every child is different, but by reviewing you can ensure your child will stay prepared to begin reading. 

I recommend the Explode the Code Primer workbooks.  These workbooks will cover all the consonant letters and provide good practice and review.  The titles are:

Get Ready for the Code Book A
Get Set for the Code Book B
Go for the Code Book C

When you are finished with the primers you can start Explode the Code Book 1.  This book covers short vowels and easy words for beginning reading.  Most homeschool curriculum providers carry these titles.

Another way to review the letters is through games.  You can create your own games or use ideas from books such as Games for Reading by Peggy Kaye.

You could also use the Starfall website for reviewing the letters.



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