August Journal Ideas
Journal for Primary Ages 6 - 8

written by Katrina Lybbert

August 1st:  Do you like to go to the park?

August 2nd:  Is there a park near your home?

August 3rd:  Describe your favorite park.

August 4th:  What playground equipment do you enjoy the most?  Swings? Slide? Teeter-totter? Other?

August 5th:  Have you been on a vacation this summer?  Or will you be going on a vacation soon?

August 6th:  Where will you go on your vacation, or where did you go?

August 7th:  Do you like summer storms?

August 8th:  Are you afraid of thunder and lightning?

August 9th:  Is there an amusement park near your town?  If yes, describe it.

August 10th:  What is the best amusement park you have ever been to?

August 11th:  What is your favorite ride at an amusement park?

August 12th:  Do you like to go on the Ferris Wheel?

August 13th:  What treats do you like to eat/buy at the amusement park?

August 14th:  Have you ever been to a circus?

August 15th:  What do you like, or not like, about the circus?

August 16th:  Would you like to perform in a circus?  If yes, what act would you be in?

August 17th:  What is your favorite summer sport?

August 18th:  What is the weather like today?

August 19th:  What does the word "hot" remind you of?

August 20th:  Are there any flowers blooming in your garden?  Describe them.

August 21st:  Make a list of all the flower names you can think of.

August 22nd:  Have you ever visited a farm?  Would you like to live on one?  Or do you live on one?

August 23rd:  What is your favorite farm animal?

August 24th:  Have you ever been to the zoo?

August 25th:  What is your favorite zoo animal?

August 26th:  Have you ever been to the ocean?

August 27th:  What is your favorite ocean animal?

August 28th:  Close your eyes and imagine you are under the ocean.  What can you see?

August 29th:  What color of paper do you like to draw on the best?

August 30th:  On your favorite color of paper -- print one of your favorite bible verses, poems, or quotes.  Decorate around the edges with crayons or stickers.

August 31st:  What did you like best about summer this year?


Copyright © 2000 - 2004 by Katrina Lybbert. All Rights Reserved.