June Journal Ideas
Journal for Primary Ages 6 - 8

written by Katrina Lybbert

June 1st:  In which month is your birthday?  Has is happened this year or is it still to come?  Write your exact birthdate.

June 2nd:  How old were you, or how old will you be, on your birthday?

June 3rd:  Do you like birthday cake?  What kind?

June 4th:  What did you receive, or would like to receive, on your birthday this year?

June 5th:  Father's Day is this month.  Write a message to your father.  Keep a record in your journal.

June 6th:  What is an activity you like to do with your father?

June 7th:  Does your dad have a favorite tie?  Tell about it.

June 8th:  Do you like to go star-gazing?

June 9th:  Can you recognize a constellation?  Which one(s)?

June 10th:  Would you like to live on the moon?  Why or why not?

June 11th:  Would you like to be an astronaut?  Why or why not?

June 12th:  Which planet is your favorite?

June 13th:  The universe is huge!  What do you think is out there?

June 14th:  Do you know what a black hole is?  Tell about them.

June 15th:  What do you find fascinating about outer space?

June 16th:  Do you like to go camping?  How often do you go?

June 17th:  Do you prefer to sleep in a tent or a cabin?

June 18th:  Do you like to roast marshmallows?

June 19th:  What is your favorite camping food?

June 20th:  What camp songs do you know?  Do you have a favorite camp song?

June 21st:  What would you do if you saw a bear in the woods?

June 22nd:  What would you do if you became lost in the woods?

June 23rd:  Do you know how to read a map or use a compass?

June 24th:  Do you like mosquitoes?

June 25th:  It is now summertime!  What do you love about the summer?

June 26th:  Do you know how to swim?

June 27th:  Have you had swimming lessons?

June 28th:  Where do you like to go swimming?

June 29th:  What water safety rules do you know?  List them.

June 30th:  The last day of June!  Do you like the last day or the first day of the month better?


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