May Journal Ideas
Journal for Primary Ages 6 - 8

written by Katrina Lybbert

May 1st:  Today is May Day!  Did you decorate with flowers?

May 2nd:  Write a note for your mother, to give her on Mother's Day.  Keep a copy in your journal.

May 3rd:  What is an activity you love to do with your mother?

May 4th:  What is your favorite fairy tale?

May 5th:  Would you like to be a prince or princess? Why or why not?

May 6th:  Who is your favorite of the seven dwarfs in Snow White?

May 7th:  What would you like a fairy Godmother to do for you?

May 8th:  What do you think is "somewhere over the rainbow?"

May 9th:  Do you like unicorns?

May 10th:  Draw a picture of a fairyland.

May 11th:  Have you ever flown a kite?  Tell about it.

May 12th:  Draw a picture of a wonderful kite.

May 13th:  Do you have a favorite poem?  Copy it into your journal.

May 14th:  Are you going to plant a garden this year?

May 15th:  What will/would you plant in your garden?

May 16th:  What is your favorite color for a rose?

May 17th:  Would you like a rose bush in your garden?

May 18th:  Do you have a watering can?  If so, describe it.

May 19th:  Do you like to wear slippers around the house?

May 20th:  Do you prefer wearing socks or going barefoot?

May 21st:  Did you have a special blanket or toy when you were a baby?  Do you still have it?

May 22nd:  What is the first thing you think of when you hear the color word "blue?"

May 23rd:  What is your favorite Aesop Fable?  Why do you like it?

May 24th:  If you could be an animal, what would you choose to be?

May 25th:  Do you like bumblebees?  Have you ever been stung?

May 26th:  What does your backyard look like today?

May 27th:  Tell about something that made you very happy today?

May 28th:  What did you eat for a snack today?

May 29th:  What is the weather like today?

May 30th:  Do you like cheese?  What kind?

May 31st:  What is your happiest memory from this past month of May?



Copyright © 2000 - 2004 by Katrina Lybbert. All Rights Reserved.