July Journal Ideas
Journal for Primary Ages 6 - 8

written by Katrina Lybbert

July 1st:  Canada Day!  How do you celebrate?  If you are not from Canada, what do you know about Canada?

July 2nd:  Draw a Canadian flag.

July 3rd:  Draw a U.S. flag.

July 4th:  Independence Day!  How do you celebrate?  If you are not from the U.S., what do you know about the U.S.?

July 5th:  Do you have any allergies?

July 6th:  Do you like to visit the doctor?

July 7th:  Who is your doctor?

July 8th:  What is the worst accident or illness that you have ever had?

July 9th:  What makes you feel better when you are sick?

July 10th:  Do you like to visit the dentist?

July 11th:  Who is your dentist?

July 12th:  Have you ever had a cavity?

July 13th:  How many teeth have you lost?

July 14th:  Does the tooth fairy come to your house?

July 15th:  What kind of toothpaste do you use?

July 16th:  Do you floss your teeth?

July 17th:  Have you ever been in the hospital?

July 18th:  Do you like bandaids?  How often do you need them?

July 19th:  How do you keep cool in the summer?

July 20th:  Do you wear a hat when you go outside?

July 21st:  What kind of sunscreen do you put on?

July 22nd:  Do you like icecream?  What is your favorite flavor?

July 23rd:  Do you like popsicles?

July 24th:  What do you know about pioneers?

July 25th:  Woud you have liked to travel in a covered wagon across the prairie?

July 26th:  Have you ever traveled somewhere by train?

July 27th:  Have you ever traveled somewhere by boat?

July 28th:  Have you ever flown in an airplane?

July 29th:  What is your favorite way to travel?

July 30th:  Do you know how to ride a bike?  Describe your bike.

July 31st:  Do you own a little red wagon?


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