October Journal Ideas
Journal for Primary Ages 6 - 8

written by Katrina Lybbert

October 1st:  Do you like the month of October?  Why or why not?

October 2nd:  Describe your favorite t-shirt.

October 3rd:  What is the longest word you know how to read?

October 4th:  What is the longest word you know how to spell?

October 5th:  Do you prefer to call this season Fall or Autumn?

October 6th:  What do you like best about Autumn?

October 7th:  What is your favorite one-letter word?

October 8th:  What is your favorite two-letter word?

October 9th:  What is your favorite three-letter word?

October 10th:  Canadian Thanksgiving is around now.  How will you celebrate?  If you don't live in Canada... when do you celebrate Thanksgiving?

October 11th:  List 5 things you are thankful for.

October 12th:  Tell what you know about Christopher Columbus.

October 13th:  What is your favorite day of the week?  Why?

October 14th:  What does the word "surprise" make you think of?

October 15th:  Draw a picture using only circles.

October 16th:  Find a poem by R. L. Stevenson to copy in your journal.

October 17th:  What is the weather like today?

October 18th:  Find a bible verse on gratitude.  Copy in your journal.

October 19th:  Tell someone thank you for something they did for you.  How did it make you feel?

October 20th:  Can you see any migratory birds in your neighborhood?

October 21st:  What is your favorite bird?

October 22nd:  Do you have a bird feeder in your yard?

October 23rd:  If you could be a bird, which one would you choose to be?  Why?

October 24th:  Do you wish it was still summer, or are you happy it is Autumn?

October 25th:  It is two months until Christmas.  Have you started preparing?

October 26th:  What time did you wake-up this morning?

October 27th:  What did you have for breakfast?

October 28th:  What candy do you think is the most delicious?

October 29th:  What time is sunrise and sunset tody?

October 30th:  Do you celebrate Halloween?  Why or why not?

October 31st:  Did you dress up in a costume?  What was it?



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