February Journal Ideas
Journal for Primary Ages 6 - 8

written by Katrina Lybbert

February 1st:  Do you have your own bedroom?  Or do you share?

February 2nd:  Describe your bed.

February 3rd:  How is your bedroom decorated?

February 4th:  What is your favorite item in your room?

February 5th:  What color is the outside wall of your house?

February 6th:  How many rooms does your house have?

February 7th:  Which room do you spend the most time in?

February 8th:  Tell something you love about the room you spend the most time in.

February 9th:  Do you have a large or small kitchen?

February 10th:  What do you like best about your kitchen?

February 11th:  What do your parents do to show they love you?

February 12th:  What do you love about your parents?

February 13th:  What is your favorite Bible verse on love?

February 14th:  Happy Valentine's Day!  List all the people you love.

February 15th:  Write a short rhyme on love.

February 16th:  What is something you did today that showed love?

February 17th:  Describe your family car(s).

February 18th:  Do you help your parents run errands?

February 19th:  Do you like to go to the grocery store?

February 20th:  What is the name of the main grocery store at which you shop?

February 21st:  What is your favorite section at the grocery store?

February 22nd:  Have you ever had your hair cut?  Do you remember the first time?

February 23rd:  Do your parents cut your hair?  Or do you go to a hair salon/barber shop?

February 24th:  What color is your hair?  Is it long or short?

February 25th:  What color are your eyes?

February 26th:  Do you wear glasses?  If so, what color are they?

February 27th:  Name one thing you are thankful you can see.

February 28th:  What is something that makes you feel very special?

February 29th:  Today is special because it is a leap year!  Did you do something today that was extra special?



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