September Journal Ideas
Journal for Primary Ages 6 - 8

written by Katrina Lybbert

September 1st:  What do you like about the month of September?

September 2nd:  What grade level of school are you in this year?

September 3rd:  What type of school do you attend?  (Home, Public or Private?)

September 4th:  What is the name of your school?

September 5th:  What is your favorite school subject?

September 6th:  Write a short 2 line poem about school.

September 7th:  What did you have for lunch today?

September 8th:  What is the weather like today?

September 9th:  Do you comb or brush your hair?

September 10th:  What color is your comb or brush?

September 11th:  How many pair of socks do you own?  How many pair have no holes in them?

September 12th:  How many pair of shoes do you own?  Describe them.

September 13th:  What size of shoe do you wear?

September 14th:  Do you prefer taking a bath or having a shower?

September 15th:  Find out one thing that happened in history on this date.

September 16th:  How are you feeling today?

September 17th:  Draw a picture of your mom or dad.

September 18th:  Print your favorite letter, in your best handwriting, 10 times.

September 19th:  Tell about a dream you recently had.

September 20th:  Ask your parents for a photo of yourself and write a caption.

September 21st:  Do you own a backpack?  Describe it.

September 22nd:  It is now Autumn!  Are the leaves changing color in your neighborhood?

September 23rd:  Make a leaf rubbing to put in your journal.

September 24th:  What is your favorite insect?

September 25th:  Did you harvest anything from your garden?

September 26th:  How many different colors of Autumn leaves can you see out your window?

September 27th:  What chores can you do in your backyard?

September 28th:  Make up a math question for someone to solve.  Record in your journal.

September 29th:  How tall are you?

September 30th:  How much do you weigh?



Copyright © 2000 - 2005 by Katrina Lybbert. All Rights Reserved.