~~How to Schedule~~
Nursery Age 0
Curriculum written by
Katrina Lybbert


Scheduling the Nursery Age 0 Curriculum

The following suggestions are just that, suggestions.  This is what works for us.  Feel free to adapt the times to suit your family's needs.  You will see that most activities can be done when you are already busy taking care of baby.  It will not take much extra time each day to provide your baby with many learning experiences. 

Note: Each lesson is meant to last approximately 2 weeks in length.  When you see two selections for a subject you should spend one week on each selection. 

Literature:  Read the selection daily as a bedtime story. 

Nursery Rhymes:  Recite/sing daily while changing & dressing the baby.

Poetry:  Share the poem choice in the morning when baby is alert.

Bible:  Read the Bible selection in the morning when baby is alert.

Speech/Vocabulary:  Emphasize the words or phrases for this lesson during the appropriate time daily.  Lesson suggestions fall under dressing time, bath time, play time, and eating time.

Classical Music:  Listen to the selection daily during one of baby's feeding times.

Baby Games:  Play in the evening when baby is happy.  This is usually after a feeding and change.

Lullabies:  Sing to baby before both nap times and bedtime.

Sign Language:  Practice signs daily at the appropriate times.  For example:  show your chosen gesture for book at story time each day.

Foreign Languages:  If you have chosen to share different languages with your baby, play CD recordings in those languages daily.  You could play a CD during one of the daily feeding times.

Exercise:  If you choose to help your baby exercise each day, a good time is in the morning.  Not right after eating but before baby is tired.

Baby Massage:  A good time to give your baby a massage can be before or after the afternoon nap.  If your baby likes this, you can give a simple massage whenever your baby is fussy to help him/her relax. 





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