Poetry for Babies
Nursery Age 0 Curriculum Suggestions
by Katrina Lybbert

Poetry Overview

Babies enjoy a variety of literary experiences.  Poetry, in addition to Nursery Rhymes, adds  beautiful rhythmical language to the lessons.  There are many different types of poems we can share with our babies.  You may decide to follow my plan, or read from your favourite poets to your baby.  Rediscover the beauty of poetry with your child!

I have chosen to use poems from Robert Louis Stevenson's A Child's Garden of Verses.  My main reason for choosing these poems is because I have a wonderful CD by Ted Jacobs called A Child's Garden of Songs.  Ted Jacobs has put some of Stevenson's poems, listed in my Poetry Lesson List below, to music.  They are beautiful.  Learning through music enhances every learning experience.

These poetry lessons can be shared any time during the 2 weeks.  If you have the CD, read/recite the poem to your baby the first week of the lesson, then play the music for that poem during the second week.  Enjoy!

Poetry Lesson List
(All selections from A Child's Garden of Verses)

Lesson 1  Bed in Summer
Lesson 2 The Wind
Lesson 3 Pirate Story
Lesson 4 Rain
Lesson 5 The Land of Counterpane
Lesson 6 My Shadow
Lesson 7 Where Go the Boats?
Lesson 8 Auntie's Skirts
Lesson 9 Young Night Thought
Lesson 10 From a Railway Carriage
Lesson 11 To My Mother
Lesson 12 Block City
Lesson 13 Foreign Lands
Lesson 14 The Moon
Lesson 15 The Lamplighter
Lesson 16 To Any Reader
Lesson 17 The Swing
Lesson 18 Fairy Bread
Lesson 19 Singing
Lesson 20 Happy Thought




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