Brightly Beaming Steps to Reading Program
Preparatory Curriculum
Adaptable for Ages 2 - 4
by Katrina Lybbert

Lesson 24

Weekly Theme  (Start Monday, continue with the theme all week)

This week's theme is DOGSDog Coloring Page

The vocabulary word is leash - a leash is a strap, rope, or chain used to lead an animal, such as a dog.

Books to read aloud that support the theme:

Go, Dog. Go! by P.D. Eastman
The Digging-est Dog by Al Perkins
Clifford the Big Red Dog by Norman Bridwell
Biscuit by Alyssa Satin Capucilli
Harry the Dirty Dog by Gene Zion
Big Dog Little Dog by P.D. Eastman
Angus Lost by Marjorie Flack

Poems that support the theme:

"Little Puppy" by Betty Silkunas
"My Dog Buffy" by Marion Scofield
"Five Little Puppy Dogs"
"My Little Puppy"
"Call the Dog"
all the above poems from 1001 Rhymes & Fingerplays from Totline.

Songs that support the theme:

Oh Where, Oh Where Has my Little Dog Gone?
How Much is that Doggie in the Window?

Gross Motor Skills Activity:  (Monday)

~Take your dog for a walk, if you have one.
~Set up an obstacle course in your living room, or back yard, and pretend to be a dog as you move through it.

Fine Motor Skills Activity:  (Friday)

Drop the dog bone in the dog dish!  You can create little dog bones out of heavy white construction paper, or use hair barrettes, clothespins or similar items to represent bones.  Have your child drop the "bones" into a dish or jar that is set on the floor.  How many fall into the dish?  Have fun!

Shape/Color  (Tuesday)

This week you will teach the color tan.

Letter  (Wednesday)

The letter this week is the letter X.

Number  (Thursday)

The number this week is the number 24.

Nursery Rhyme  (Friday)

The nursery rhyme this week is Old Mother Hubbard.  Recite often!

Old Mother Hubbard
Went to the cupboard,
To get her poor dog a bone;
But when she got there
The cupboard was bare,
And so the poor dog had none.


Copyright © 2000 - 2004 Katrina Lybbert. All rights reserved.