Brightly Beaming Steps to Reading Program
Preparatory Curriculum
Adaptable for Ages 2 - 4
by Katrina Lybbert

Weekly Themes

Each week (lesson) you will introduce a new theme to your child.  Introduce the theme by showing pictures of the specific theme, or pictures related to it.   I have included links to sites with pictures and/or printouts.  These pictures can be posted on a special poster you will create for your child.  Click here for more information on this special poster.

In each lesson plan you will find suggested books to read, poems to recite, and songs to sing all based on the week's theme.  You can choose to read a different book related to the theme each day, or choose to read the same book all week.  Some children love repetition, others like variety.  Decide what will work best for you.  The same suggestion applies to the poem(s).  Recite a different poem each day, or recite the same one all week.

When it comes to choosing the song to sing based on the theme, I recommend choosing only one.  Repeat the same song each day, and by the end of the week you may find your child singing along with you.  If this happens, you may want to tape record your child singing to keep as a special memory.

Also listed in the lesson plans are activities to develop both gross motor and fine motor skills.

Here is a summary of the weekly themes:

Week  1 - cows
Week 2 - jungle
Week 3 - kittens
Week 4 - eyes
Week 5 - lighthouses
Week 6 - rainbows
Week 7 - stars
Week 8 - sun
Week 9 - cookies
Week 10 - trains
Week 11 - moon
Week 12 - ducks
Week 13 - cars/trucks
Week 14 - horses
Week 15 - rain
Week 16 - butterflies
Week 17 - sheep
Week 18 - ears
Week 19 - boats
Week 20 - balloons
Week 21 - wind
Week 22 - seasons
Week 23 - snow
Week 24 - dogs
Week 25 - rabbits
Week 26 - airplanes


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