Brightly Beaming Steps to Reading Program
Preparatory Curriculum
Adaptable for Ages 2 - 4
by Katrina Lybbert

Lesson 26

Weekly Theme  (Start Monday, continue with the theme all week)

This week's theme is AIRPLANESAirplane Coloring Pages

The vocabulary word is contrail - the trail of condensation left behind the path of a jet airplane.

Books to read aloud that support the theme:

Planes by Byron Barton
The Little Red Plane by Ken Wilson-Max
The Little Airplane by Lois Lenski
I Love Planes! by Philemon Sturges
I Fly by Anne F. Rockwell
Flying by Donald Crews
Airport by Byron Barton

Poems that support the theme:

"I'm a Little Airplane" by Elizabeth McKinnon
"Flying Fast, Flying Slow" by Jean Warren
"Flying High" by Diane Thom
"The Airplane"
all the above poems from 1001 Rhymes & Fingerplays from Totline.

Songs that support the theme:

Hey Look at Me, I Can Fly
The Airplane Song
(both from Barney)

Gross Motor Skills Activity:  (Monday)

~Take a trip to your local airport and watch the planes.
~Put on music, stretch out your arms for wings, and 'fly' around the room.

Fine Motor Skills Activity:  (Friday)

~Color in an outline of an airplane with a grey crayon.  Then taking small squares of construction paper, glue windows onto your airplane.

~Make a paper airplane.

Shape/Color  (Tuesday)

This week you will teach the color grey.

Letter  (Wednesday)

The letter this week is the letter Z.

Number  (Thursday)

The number this week is the number 100.

Nursery Rhyme  (Friday)

The nursery rhyme this week is Old King Cole.  Recite often!

Old King Cole was a merry old soul,
And a merry old soul was he;
He called for his pipe,
And he called for his bowl,
And he called for his fiddlers three!


Copyright © 2000 - 2004 Katrina Lybbert. All rights reserved.