Nursery Age 1 - Lesson 17

(Follow the links to learn more about using the ideas listed.)

What to do in Week One
(Just a suggestion)


My Aunt Came Back by Pat Cummings


Proverbs 23:22

"Hearken unto thy father that begat thee, and despise not thy mother when she is old."

Nursery Rhyme

The Little Girl with a Curl

There was a little girl who had a little curl,
Right in the middle of her forehead;
When she was good, she was very, very good,
And when she was bad she was horrid.

Speech & Vocabulary

Giving Directions: (at dressing time) Pull off your socks.

Indoor Games

Balloon Bop

You must supervise your child at all times with this game.  If the balloon pops, you must clear away any and all of the pieces immediately.  Balloons can be a hazard to toddlers.

This game is a chance to practice keeping a balloon up in the air, using only your hands.  You could also bat the balloon back and forth with your toddler.

Classical Music

Bach: Christmas Oratorio BWV 248

Children's Songs

Oh Where, Oh Where has my Little Dog Gone?

Foreign Languages

(For learning French -- you can substitute with choices of your own in a different language.)

Part One: Learn a song in French -- Sur le pont d'Avignon
Part Two: French Vocabulary -- le chien (dog)


Optional:  Choose an exercise from an exercise book to use with your toddler daily.

Arts and Crafts

White on Black:

You will need a black piece of construction paper and some white crayons.  You could also show your toddler how a white crayon is hard to see on white paper, but when you use the black paper the white shows up very well!  Draw a snow day or maybe a cloudy day picture.

What to do in Week Two
(Just a suggestion)


Alphabears: An ABC Book by Kathleen Hague


Proverbs 23:22

"Hearken unto thy father that begat thee, and despise not thy mother when she is old."


"Halfway Down" from When We Were Very Young by A. A. Milne

Sign Language

Suggestion:  Teach the sign for HAT.

Outdoor Games

(Depending on the season of the year you can rearrange these suggestions to work for you -- see the outdoor games link above.)

Jump Rope Exploration -- a toddler does not have the motor control to jump rope yet, but there are fun ways to play with a jumping rope.  You can lay it on the ground and each take one end.  You and your toddler can have fun making the rope move like a snake.  You can lay two or more ropes on the ground in a pattern.  Jump (or step) in and out of the pattern.

Musical Exploration

Rolling to Music -- this is not as easy as it sounds!  Choose a selection of music that has frequent dynamic or mood changes.  You could try this to Beethoven's 5th symphony.  Roll on the floor with your toddler.  Each time the music changes you change the direction of your roll.


Rozinkes Mit Mandlen (Yiddish) from the Lullabies Around the World CD


Paper Bag Puppets -- This has been a simple type of puppet for children everywhere.  Take a brown lunch bag and turn it into a puppet of your choice.  Include a hat on your puppet this lesson.  Then you can reinforce the sign for hat each time you get out this puppet.  Or make a dog puppet to use when you sing the children's song or review the french vocabulary word.

Nature Study

Choose from the list of suggestions according to the current season.

Art Appreciation

Children's Illustrators Art Appreciation

Bill Peet -- Show your toddler the artwork of Bill Peet in the book Budford the Little Big Horn.


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