Nursery Age 1 - Lesson 24

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What to do in Week One
(Just a suggestion)


Mr Brown Can Moo! Can You? by Dr. Seuss


Proverbs 31:30

"Favour is deceitful, and beauty is vain: but a woman that feareth the LORD, she shall be praised."

Nursery Rhyme

Little Bo Peep

Little Bo Peep has lost her sheep,
And can't tell where to find them;
Leave them alone, and they'll come home,
Bringing their tails behind them.

Speech & Vocabulary

Giving Directions: (at eating time) Put your spoon in your mouth.

Indoor Games

Clothespin Drop

I collect about 10 clothespins and a large canning jar.  Standing in front of the jar, drop the clothespins into the jar.  You can let your toddler be as close as she wants to.  Dump out the clothespins and try again!

Classical Music

Chopin: Etude No. 1 Op. 10,1 in C Major

Children's Songs

Sing, Sing a Song   (Bob McGrath)

Foreign Languages

(For learning French -- you can substitute with choices of your own in a different language.)

Part One: Learn a song in French -- Tête, épaules, genoux et pieds
Part Two: French Vocabulary -- la pendule (clock)


Optional:  Choose an exercise from an exercise book to use with your toddler daily.

Arts and Crafts

Safety Scissors

Introduce safety scissors to your toddler.  Practice cutting pieces of paper.

What to do in Week Two
(Just a suggestion)


The Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle


Proverbs 31:30

"Favour is deceitful, and beauty is vain: but a woman that feareth the LORD, she shall be praised."


"Cherry Stones" from Now We are Six by A. A. Milne

Sign Language

Suggestion:  Teach the sign for I LOVE YOU!

Outdoor Games

(Depending on the season of the year you can rearrange these suggestions to work for you -- see the outdoor games link above.)

Sidewalk Chalk -- this time you can draw with the sidewalk chalk for your toddler.  Draw some shapes to create a path.  Then run and hop in and out of the shapes along the path.

Musical Exploration

Musical Band

Collect all the different rhythm instruments you have used this year.  Put on some music and let your toddler play with all the different instruments.  March around your house.  Have fun and celebrate all the things you have learned this year!


The Castle of Dromore (Irish) from the World Sings Goodnight 2 CD


Puppet Theatre Show

Last lesson you played with all the puppets you had made this year.  Now develop a short puppet play and perform for family and friends.

Nature Study

Choose from the list of suggestions according to the current season.

Art Appreciation

Children's Illustrators Art Appreciation

Ruth Heller -- Show your toddler the artwork of Ruth Heller in the book Kites Sail High.


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