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~The Arts of Religion & Character~
by Katrina Lybbert

~Bible Study~

Bible study can begin right at birth.  Reading from the Bible daily will familiarize your child with the scriptures when he is young.  As your child gets older he can begin to read from the Bible with help.  By age 10 your child should be able to read the Bible all by himself.  Having a strong biblical background will help your child through his entire life.  Combine Bible study with prayer every day and you will feel peace and guidance, and strength to meet each day with joy.

Main Resource:  King James Bible

Nursery Age 0

Selections from Psalms - See Bible in the Brightly Beaming Baby Curriculum

Nursery Age 1

Selections from Proverbs - See Bible in the Brightly Beaming Toddler Curriculum

Preschool Age 2

New Testament - Stories of Jesus
(I will be choosing 24 stories of Jesus (2 per month) and will post here when ready)
plus review of Psalms and Proverbs as learned in Nursery Age 0 & 1

Preschool Age 3

Old and New Testament Stories to go along with Letter of the Week.
(I will be choosing a specific scripture for each letter as well)

Kindergarten Age 4

Selections from the New Testament  - more stories of Jesus (choose about 36)

See Highlights from the New Testament (The Gospels) by Penny Gardner to help make your selections.

Kindergarten Age 5

Selections from the Old Testament (choose about 36)

See Highlights from the Old Testament by Penny Gardner to help make your selections.

Primary Age 6

New Testament - cover Matthew, Mark, Luke and John with your child.

Primary Age 7

Old Testament - choose easier books from the Old Testament for child to read, with help if needed.

Primary Age 8

New Testament - have your child read The Acts to Revelation, with help if needed.

Elementary Age 9

Study Bible maps and geography, including drawing or colouring maps.  Don't forget to read about the places on your maps in the Bible.  Copy a verse on the bottom of the page of each map you create.

A possible link you could use to aid you on your study:

Also, you could look for the following books:
Trail Guide to Bible Geography by Cindy Wiggers
A Child's Geography Volume 2: Explore the Holy Land

Elementary Age 10

Read the whole New Testament.  Copy favourite verses into a notebook and then memorize some.

Elementary Age 11

Read most of the Old Testament.  Copy favourite verses into a notebook and then memorize some.
(As a parent you can decide which portions of the Old Testament your child can skip, to help him complete the reading in a year.)


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